How Can Integrity Testing Protect Your Business?

integrity testing
integrity testing protects your business

Did you know that 1 in 5 applicants fail an integrity test?  This is one of the many reasons integrity testing is vital to your business. You must identify individuals who may cause claims and problems early in the applicant screening process. So, how can integrity testing protect your business? Here’s an overview of how individuals with less integrity can affect your business: 


Theft within the workplace is more prominent than not. Furthermore, 25-40% of employees steal from their employers. This theft costs companies over $50 billion annually, $50 billion! You’re probably thinking, oh these must be entry-level employees. Think again! 55% of theft comes from employees in management-level positions.


Another aspect where employee’s integrity may waver is in dishonest situations. Did you lie on your resume to get your current job? A white lie here and there may fall through the cracks, but 58% of all resumes or applications contain outright lies. Moreover, when an employee begins their career within your business with lies, they may not be the most trustworthy applicant. The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates workers’ compensation fraud accounts for 25% of all insurance fraud, this comes to $7.2 billion annually!

Drug/Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace

Adult illicit drug users comprise 15% of the workforce. You may also see employees’ integrity falter in situations related to drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. While having a fun company culture may seem exciting to potential applicants, be sure there are limitations and rules regarding drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Employee issues related to drug and alcohol abuse totals about $100 billion a year! 

Not only do these employees cost your company money, but they also:

  • use 3 times as many sick days
  • 4 times as likely to be involved in an accident
  • 5 times more likely to file for workers compensation
  • Are 10 times more likely to steal

Violence/ Bullying

Lastly, employees who do not pass an integrity test are more likely to be involved in violence and bullying within the workplace. There are 2 million cases of workplace violence per year. These situations cost companies $121 billion in nonfatal assaults and result in $867,000 in lost workdays. Since 2006, violence in the workplace has accounted for over 5,000 fatalities. Along with issues surrounding violence, 35% of workers say they have felt bullied in the workplace. 

These statistics can be alarming. At IOA, we offer our clients access to integrity tests to mitigate these issues with new hires. Integrity testing can protect your business from unwanted risks associated with employees.

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