What is the actual tangible value of choosing IOA to meet your insurance needs?

IOA offers more value to our clients because we are business owners too.

From compliance and HR issue to on the job safety, IOA has the services in place to support your company. The cost of implementing the services we offer for free ranges upwards from $15k/year.

HR Compliance – Updated Employee Handbook and Safety Manuals.

Annual cost:    $1,500

HR manuals made for clients of IOA

On-Boarding Training – Online curriculum including: Driving, Safety, OSHA, etc. Annual cost:    $7,500:

  • Over 200 pre-loaded courses that focus on OSHA, Safety, Customer Service, HR, and Wellness
  • Allows your team to customize and create learning modules on their own
  • Provide constant, relevant, and consistent training
Learning Management System

Automated Toolbox Talks: Consistently prompt supervisors to promote safety and hold them accountable.

Annual cost: $500

Text for safety Value Add Service

Occupational Nurse: Telephonic 24 hour access to occupational nurse when a bodily injury occurs.

Records and completes first report of injury data, directs care and reports claim to stakeholders. (HR, IOA and WC Carrier)

Annual Cost: $2,500 plus $125 per claim

Nurse Triage - Value Add IOA

Claims Advocacy Program – IOA assigned adjuster monitors claims for late reporting, lost time, attorney representation, claims that exceed $10k.

If triggered, claims advocate conferences HR Director, Carrier Adjuster and Supervisor to create claim strategy.  Consistently monitoring claims to get them closed.

  • Unlimited access to a dedicated claims advocate that is an all lines licensed adjuster
  • Manager review of all new claims within 24-48 hours of report
  • Regular monitoring for problematic claims
  • Proactive monitoring of all expired policy open claims
  • Creates a timeline of claim events that organizes employers WC documents
  • Comprehensive Experience Modification analysis which includes detailed claim reviews,     NCCI data verification, and aggravated inequities
  •  OSHA Log and Reporting

Annual Cost: $2,500

Claims Management System Value Add