If you want to be a CEO make your bed.

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How you do one thing is how you do everything. – Shunryu Suzuki

They say if you want to be a CEO, make your bed.  There’s a reason successful people wear suits and appear “pulled together” and it is exemplified by the quote above.  

As we deal with high levels of stress and isolation it is important, perhaps now more than ever, to take care of the little things.

Personal productivity is paramount with remote work. When your workspace is cluttered and unorganized, your mind is likely unorganized, and work can suffer. 

This is not news to many of us and yet as you look around your current workspace, do you see empty teacups, a sweater on the floor?  Dare we address your email inbox?

Marie Condo teaches the art of tidying up and shares the physical and mental benefits of a good deep clean. Experts say that cleaning your home can result in many health benefits. You live here… you work here… invest in a good deep clean.

You may be incredulous.  But release that judgment… Let’s look at how cleaning actually can affect your health and wellbeing:

  • Clear Mental Blocks: Removing dirt and clutter (digital and physical) from your life increases your mood and focus throughout the rest of the day. A tidy mind can result in getting better sleep, building your immune system.  You may even find the time to get on the Peloton after all. 
  • Clean Germs! That dust under your bed (and the cobwebs in your brain- where did you store that file?) are bogging you down.  The stress makes you sick, the dirt (and maybe even mold, can make you actually sick.  
  • Movement as Meditation: Cleaning is a mindfulness practice that can help you live in the present moment and practice focusing. Once you tackle cleaning you can focus better on other tasks– such as work!
  • Quit Procrastinating: When you are not surrounded by clutter, you are better equipped to work distraction-free. Look at you zipping through those to-do lists. 

So tidy up that guest room, throw away the broken printer in the kitchen and discover the freedom that a clean home, inbox, and mind offer. 

How to Live and Work Well From home.