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IOA offers risk insights and broad coverage options to help real estate organizations protect the value of their assets.

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We bring expertise and experience to the issues facing real estate organizations.

The property risk team at IOA, led by Roger J. Stewart, has extensive experience in solving our clients’ challenges. From multi-unit complexes to commercial real estate developments to casinos, our risk experts can provide the best guidance available.


Practice Leader
Roger J. Stewart

Roger, a partner at Insurance Office of America, has nearly two decades of experience in the insurance industry. He leads a team that spans all sectors, delivering risk solutions and results for high-profile U.S. and international clients. Contact Roger with any questions or to request a comprehensive review of your risk mitigation plan.

Roger J Stewart

Roger J. Stewart

Commercial Real Estate
Economic and social trends are challenging commercial real estate owners and investors to adapt to how people interact with spaces. Developments in technology, mobility and e-commerce are additional factors pushing the real estate industry toward increased flexibility and innovation, while raising risks. The CRE market needs creative solutions to today’s challenges, and IOA delivers them.
Real Estate Developers
Rapidly evolving consumer needs and economic volatility are forcing developers to anticipate trends, amid greater uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated what may be permanent changes in the way people live and work. Developers now must focus on projects that utilize advanced technology and are environmentally sustainable, while coping with risks that include cyber-attacks and a shortage of skilled labor. IOA understands these dynamics and can help developers get ahead of these challenges
Habitational properties carry specialized and often complex risks. IOA has the experience and expertise to assess and manage these risks for owners, managers and developers of multi-family properties, student housing, military housing, senior living, and other types of properties.
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Who We Serve

The IOA Real Estate team delivers excellence in customer care and risk management services to owners, investors, managers and developers of commercial real estate, multi-family properties, and other types of housing.

Your guide to innovating your Commercial Real Estate Business through COVID


Safety is Shared

The safety of your tenants should be shared between you and the tenant. Work together to ensure proper safety precautions are in place.


Proactively Reach Out!

Reach out to your tenants about their plans to return to work, if they haven’t already. Help your tenants develop action plans and inform them of ways you’re working to keep them safe.


Ensure you have shutdown protocols in place

Remain flexible with your tenants, as the fear of a second-wave is still on the horizon.


Consider new ways to serve your clients

Start with flexible leases to help your tenants renegotiate their lease. Another way is to develop return to work programs, help your tenants understand the next steps they need to take. 


Consider partnering with a design firm

Consider partnering with a design firm to reimagine your facility. Think of new ways to make it more event-friendly where tenants can collaborate and socialize.

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