Unseen Risk Can Cost Your Business

In construction, risk touches everything. IOA can help your firm control risks, protect your people and keep your business moving forward.

Strong risk management and the right coverage let you lower operating costs and raise profits.

The construction industry is facing a host of pressures, from COVID-19 to labor shortages, to new regulations such as California’s law on employing gig workers. More than ever, getting a handle on risks and insuring against losses is crucial to the construction industry’s success.

Construction Risk Feature

Our approach to construction risks

With a solid understanding of your business, we strive to learn your tolerance for risk, current safety precautions, and security issues. We use this knowledge to develop the best risk management and coverage plan for you. Our focus is to optimize clients’ margins and predict future risks, offsetting those with our array of value-added services, and help you make informed decisions on how best to protect and deploy capital and resources.

Roger J. Stewart

Roger J. Stewart

Roger, a partner at Insurance Office of America, has nearly two decades of experience in the insurance industry. He leads a team that spans the construction industry. Contact Roger with any questions or to request a comprehensive review of your risk mitigation plan.

By placing all your insurance needs with Roger J. Stewart and IOA, you streamline your administration, ensure the best customer care and secure the right coverage.

Who We Serve

The IOA Construction team has a deep understanding of the risks unique to construction, from residential to large commercial and everything in between. We deliver excellence in customer care and risk management services to general contractors, subcontractors and engineering and construction managers.

Large General Contractors

Large general contracting companies’ risk exposures include contingent capital, design liability, subcontractor default and job-site safety. At IOA, we help general contractors manage risks with a range of solutions, including:


Providing services to project owners exposes subcontractors to a variety of risks, from default claims to job-site safety, surety credit and contingent capital. Our team’s extensive knowledge of the construction industry helps you mitigate risk by:

Engineering and Construction Managers

Large engineering and construction (E&C) firms face risks every day and every project, from site injuries to workers and third parties, to liability for design services. At IOA, we bring experience and expertise to managing these risk issues through:

  • What Does It Cover

    Builder's insurance typically covers fire, vandalism, weather events, explosions, and theft.

  • What Is Not Covered?

    It does not cover normal wear and tear, rust, or corrosion. Acts of terrorism, employee theft, and incidents involving faulty work and materials are also not covered under a builder's insurance policy.

  • Know The Difference Between A Building And A Structure.

    A building is a structure that will be occupied in the future, such as a house or apartment building. It is good to note that all structures are not buildings.

  • Understand When Your Coverage Begins and Ends.

    Certain provisions may restrict when coverage begins for your project, so be sure to understand what triggers the beginning of your coverage.

  • Find an Experienced Broker.

    Every building is different and has different needs. It is so important to consult with someone who knows the ins and outs of a builders insurance.


5 Things You Need To Know To Understand Your Builder's Insurance Policy

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